Be sure to wear flowers in your hair: 

28 Jul

I’m both happy & sad 🎭 to announce that I will be leaving San Francisco (and America🇺🇸) this September 7th, to live and teach English at a high school in Versailles, France (Paris🇫🇷), for a year (or more: via French husband). 
A heartfelt thank you, and farewell, to all you kindhearted Franciscans whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my short 6 months here (1 more left!). I will miss your handsome faces, your impish smiles, your doe-eyes… Thank you for your warmest welcome! 

And farewell to my dearest Oregonian friends, in your alpine heights, who will soon be shrouded in weeping rain.🌲🌧
San Francisco is the hardest city to leave… There is feeling of liberation, of lightness, that is held so dearly by her pastel boulevards, resounding off of her rocky shores….
And though, in truth, we’re conquered by high rents and Überization… Broken elections and mass-extinctions. There is yet still good in this world! Little sparks of fleeting beauty, small acts of kindness, unity in the face of calamity. The faint voice of Hope calling out from within Pandoras Box, helping us summon the courage to release him.
Remember to keep fighting unyieldingly forward to make life a wonderful adventure for everyone! remember to tell people you love them early & often…And if there’s one thing I learned from the particularly gentle people here….be suuuuuurre to wearrrrrrr flowers in your hairrrrrr! 🌸🌺🌻🌺🌸🌼


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