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Home is in the heart, pack your liberation with you! 🌿🍃🏺

28 May

Wow, San Francisco is truly one of the hardest places to leave. the gentle people who fill this city, with flowers in their hair, even though we just met, I love you and miss you!
 I feel like my tentacles are getting ripped and severed, spitting out hissing, steaming pools of ichor. I feel like my roots are untwined and pulled up. But oh, you will always be *Home*, and rememeber that you are the most liberated city, the liberation you have is something that will forever be a treasure guarded close to heart. Basque in it friends! 
Goodbye wild, untamed… west coast, I go to teach English to brown eyed French lycéens in Pareeeeee, city of lumières💫🌟. I hope welcome and not lonliness await on that forlorn, mythic continent, with its ruins and château🏰…. 

Perhaps it will always feel premature to fly away, but adventure and challenge await… Farewell for now, enjoy the home you have, the roots you burrow deeper, and those who hold you close!