Tuscany: The Heartlands of Antiquity

27 Jan

Tuscany is one of the most recognizable regions of Italy, perhaps due to its frequent appearance as a subject of landscape paintings. Tuscany has become one of the most celebrated and iconic regions of Italy, its yellow or pastel colored villas with red terracotta roofs becoming emblematic features of the Italian countryside. The cypress trees and warm Mediterranean climate lending a timeless arboreal feeling to the place. The region is largely hill country, fertile and dotted with vineyards and olive groves. Gentle rolling hills rise to the mountainous heights of the Apennine Mountains, the backbone of the boot-shaped Apennine peninsula (Italian Peninsula). The fertile Vale de Arno, valley of the river Arno, guards the largest settlements in this region. The great cities of Pisa, Florence, and Siena are all nestled within the Vale de Arno, growing yields of crops to feed lands further afield.  Tuscany earns its name from the ancient land of Etruria, home to the Etruscans. The highlands still hide hill fortresses and defensive bastions built by the Etruscans. Indeed, many of these settlements remained safe on their rocky plateaus, evolving into Tuscan hill towns. Siena is one such city, a medieval town hewn from the cliffs on which it stands. Together with Latium and Rome, Etruria lay in the heartlands of Roman antiquity. The importance of this region would reach a zenith during the Renaissance, born from the city of Florence, which would shape the history of Europe. The modern Italian language, with Latin at its root, would originate during that period from the accents of Tuscany, and the dialect of Florence. With its heyday long behind it, Tuscany has eased into a tranquil slumber, its glories and triumphs enshrined in the halls of its museums. Tuscany remains an idyllic land, its stories like faded memories, yearning to be remembered.


Based on the painting “Tuscan Villa 24 x 30 Oil” by Armand Cabrera at the Berkley Gallery (http://www.armandcabrera.com/BerkleyGallery.html)
((*A google search of “Tuscany landscape paintings” will show just how much awesome renditions of Tuscany are out there… not to mention Photography!))IMG_2634.JPG


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