2016: still the dawn of a new millennium 

18 Dec

There’s no reason to consider the New Years of 2000 to be the only time to celebrate the beggining of the new mellenium (the 2000’s of the common era)… And I would argue that each New Years at the beggining of this new mellenium be given exceptional gravity and importance rather than “another year, 2016!”… 

We’re living only 15 years after a second mellenium started! The calendar that is based around the life of Christ, one with Roman antiquity straddling the year zero, with the Egyptians, and earlier Mesopotamian empires before them. So humans, despite existing 200,000 years, still consider 1000 year periods very important. They certainly out last our own steadily lengthening lifetimes, which now stand at perhaps up to 120 years for the elves amongst us.

Despite our lengthy history, the most recent 3000 or more years have been super exciting, with the last 200 being uncharacteristically grave in importance. Our technological gilt into high civilization (and ecologically precarious civilization) with the industrial revolution, has made the years go slower, as they are each one seemingly brimming with importance. So much transpires in a year in our modern world, that our historical vision shrinks. We see ourselves living year to year or work week by work week, instead of seeing ourselves as part of this rich 200,000 year old history of human experience which forms our collective memory. 

It’s not just one lucky generation: the mellenials, who enjoy the 2000’s… It should extend through the whole 21st century. 

And so, in the name of the longetevity of human kind, and for the sake of assigning meaning to our lives. We should celebrate every new year as passionately as we did in 2000. 


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