Our culture is a lie:

18 Oct
Basically, the Earth is dying, and the system is killing it. Oh, and that’s the same system that is going to take countless hours of your time and energy until you retire and then die. It tells you that “You have to work to have food, shelter, water, electricity, and money for leisure”.
The hours of work, the bills, the uncertainty, the neverending endeavour to prove your “worth” by being “Successful”….
We all carve the best life we can out of the margins & scraps of time we have left… OR better yet, we navigate the system until we find a job that fulfills us (these are the lucky ones). Basically our entire society is premised on the lie that “There’s not enough stuff, you have to EARN it!”…. When really, its all sitting in hoards at the top.
wealth-si yacht-landscape-billion-oxfam

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