Things People Do For Fun:

25 Sep

•Keep a personal library of books you would like to read/have read/may eventually kindle an interest in reading.

•Use a camera to take a few photos of especially beautiful things/people. Or of a day where you did something with friends. 

•Consider yourself to be a walking curiosity. Your wardrobe should reflect this, enjoy adding to it, and assembling different outfits out of it.

•Your items can be of the following categories: essentials, “treasures”, souvenirs, and occassionals. 

•Folders are great ways of saving important ot interesting papers. Collages are great ways to turn found pièces into art.

• a diary to write in while traveling. A blog to write on. 

•Dont let that phone of yours possess you. Create excitement, dont hunt for It in your Facebook notifications.


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