Life in the 2010’s

23 Sep

Due to my appreciation of history, I love to think about our contemporary period in relation to past epochs. I especially love jumping to the not too distant 1900’s for comparisons. 

How different are we from 1915, now in 2015? 

And will our 2020’s be a roaring decade of smoky corner clubs, glamorous bejeweled cinéma-stars, and that parloresque Trans-Atlantic accent? 

Will Berlin heat up as a den of decadence, art, and culture like it did in the 1930’s? With the jazz, the drag-queens, and the pioneers of Trans Surgeries? 

I’d certainly like to be in one of those grandes villes when the 2020’s start shakin’ and jumpin’ on our way. 

Theres something about that forlorn elegance that stares back at us from the photos from those times. The begginings of our strange jilt into technological high civilization, with all its damning, wasting maladies. I wonder which of those years the past will catch up to us, and send humans screeching and clawing back into barbarity for thier crimes against nature and thier treason towards empathy. 

But, alas, those photos, whether its a newlywed, a gypsy voyante🔮, a survivor of aome ancient conflict, or a mysterious woman in a red dress…. Their stare is enigmatic. 


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