To Tonsilectomy Or Not To Tonsilectomy…💀

15 Sep

I canceled my tonsil removal surgery this morning, a mere three hours before the surgeon would cut into me. It was bold, it was assertive, it was probably annoying to medical proffessionelle who were working themselves up to a surgery in the early morning. Three other patients are getting the surgery today, so I’m sure I’m not too inconvenient. 

Surgeries are not to be taken lightly. Looking up photos and patient accounts the night before a surgery are not good ideas. 

The decision is wieghed between my strepp throat and the 10 days of pain from surgery. Do I have strepp throat frequent enough to cut into my body? I’m still not sure because The websites all vary, if I had strepp 7 times a year, surgery is recommended. If I had it 5 times, surgery is recommended. My medical history says I have it 3 times per year. Obviously I got hung up on the numbers game and a cold calculation, while wieghing my decision. (I’m an Aquarius haha)

I’ve decided to live another year with tonsils and try to minimize strepp throat (causes tonsilitis), and other severe soar throats. If I have more than 3 I will reconsider surgery, If not, I may be less apt to remove them. I will see if my gym habits (3 times a week), my newly established habit of consistent eating, less stress, more sleep, less kissing strangers, and geerally being stalwart against plagues throughout winter, will extinguish my recurring strepp throat. If not, I will try to be on the operating table sometime after I graduate college. 



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