Life Under The Sky:

14 Sep

Gold sets behind the high mountains.

Celestial voices sing in blue, purple, orange.

Dusk, the forest burns with copper sky-light.

Then; the stars unfurl their silver banners across the sighing, darkening skies.

The Moon shines; a jewel, encrusted in the crown of the world.

The heavens bathe our gentle, resting bodies.

We slumber.

As we dream, primordial forces vie for the dome of the sky.

The weight of time and the length of gravity.

Howling void, and tranquil hallow.

Abyss of peril, and womb of creation.

Storms and dragons battle for the pearl shrines in the endless sea above.

Force and darkness,

Fire and vacuum,

Colossal and eternal,

All cascade and splinter against each other in the maelstrom.

Silence rules alongside cacophony.

Until day breaks and fragments overhead, a comet burns a swathe of fury.

A blue veil falls softly downwards, draping over a young world.

The bronze dawn glows like embers.

Birds sing to a new day.

Our eyes open,

They are reflecting pools

And the song of azure, violet, and amber, rouses us to our feet, which fall into the footprints, on the marching grounds of the night.

We dance in the golden light.

The mirror of the sky watches from behind blue curtains.

Our steps are remembered.

Our movement weaves in trails across the world.

Our movement ordains arcs of lightning.

Our movement carves fissures upon the dome of the sky.

Our movement is echoed in the depths of the realm on high.

And when gold sings to silver.

And when the waking fall to sleep.

Again will the heavens quake.



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